Thursday, 21 October 2010

It's been a while... (again)

OK, so a few months ago I posted that I was back after a lengthy absence, only to disappear once again from the bloggy world.

I can't explain why, I have no excuses - other than the fact that I'm just a bit rubbish!

In the time in between I've been cooking a gorgeous and squirmy Muffin in my tummy and have reached the 35.5 week point. That means that I have just 4.5 weeks until my due date and I'm still a very happy pregnant lady!

Tiredness is starting to take over, but as I finish work officially tomorrow I'm fully looking forward to having some time to myself before said Muffin makes an appearance.

I promise I'll do my best in the 4.5 weeks I have left, to try and post a little more regularly. I can't make any promises after that date but I'll do my utmost... in the meantime, here's a bump photo taken about two weeks ago... (please excuse the chatty PJs!!)