Sunday, 14 February 2010

Drippy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day 2010, the most romantic day of the year. Hubs and I have a low-budget day planned (having already spent a small fortune on ingredients and wine for our special meal!) and everything's going according to plan.

The angels of love surround our little home like a swarm of wasps - only much more friendly and a lot less stingy.

Then we discover our boiler is leaking. And I don't mean a gentle drip, drip, drip to act as percussion to the music of love... oh no! I'm talking a miniature Niagara Falls leaking. Now, to many that may conjure up romantic images of sight-seeing, arm in arm, gazing lovingly first into one another's eyes then out into the glorious misty furore that is the Falls...

No, not in this case.

In this case it's a beautiful scene involving a badly (done before we owned the house) boxed in boiler, leaking from place unknown on the underside, with crappy washing up bowl (already seen better days, but hey, it's for washing up in right?) perched precariously underneath to catch the roaring torrent.

Surely plumbers will be available today? Surely they'll be falling over themselves to come out on, not only a Sunday, but Valentine's Day? Wouldn't they be clammering to arrive here first to charge us a call out fee, plus a Sunday fee and Valentine's fee on top?

Nope. Can't get a plumber to come fix it! Not for love nor money (surely for love on today of all days?).

So, our special day is somewhat thwarted by the fact that we have to be around every two hours to empty the emergency basin for fear of further flooding.

Still, at least we won't need mood music during our lovely meal... the sound of running water will help us imagine we're in more glamorous climes, eating in the shadow of the great Falls...

All we need now is a couple of those fetching hooded waterproof jobs and we're the picture of love and romance!

Happy Drippy Valentine's Day darling!


The Dotterel said...

Doesn't it always happen at the worst POSSIBLE moment... Same thing happened here, just days before Christmas as I was about to go out of the door to take Sally to an exam that started in five minutes. I couldn't do a thing about it. Needless to say, one ruined carpet - plus a leaky boiler - was waiting when we got home.

It does dry out. Eventually!

Potential Mummy B said...

Boo hiss! Yes, I think there's some kind of boiler-related conspiracy that ensures we're at our most vulnerable when stuff like this happens! Hey ho, worse things happen at sea, as they say!

Thanks for the comment!

Emma said...

If only I was closer , I would lend you my Alton Towers waterproof mac thingy!

Sorry to hear about the boiler , hope someone comes out first thing to deal with it. Em :) x

Mummy Bear said...

sods law strikes again...Hope you had a good one anyway, despite the dripping!

Jen said...

Oh dear, something you could have done without any day, let alone today. Hope it didn't interfere with your plans too much:) Jen.

CaneWife said...

Boo, that's always the way. I'm sorry about your plumbing issues. Hope it gets resolved quickly.

elzimmy said...

I really wish that all things mechanical would run forever and never break. Same thing with cars.

Stopping by from the LBS Tea Party!

I'm intrigued by your blog because I'm an aspiring business owner - I'll be back!

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