Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Dear bank account

How fickle is your friendship...

Sometimes you bring me great joy. You allow me to express myself, to experience freedom and the happiness that comes with independence.

You deliver untold treasures to my door (with the help of my other great friend, the Internet) and you draw me to the splendour of shopping outlets, allowing me to indulge my cravings for pretty things, impractical items and sometimes the downright luxurious.

You enable me to feed myself, to enjoy the beauty that is a full fridge and bursting cupboards. And you allow my need to travel, even just from A to B.

At these times, you are a true friend.

But then comes the second half of the month and your friendship changes, almost disappears.

You mock me with your love of the dark side. Your mood turns red and so does my face.

You limit me. You hold me back.

You deny me the basics and laugh in my face if I dare to think about the luxuries.

You disregard my social calendar and block off access to any support or kindness. You leave me in the lurch when I need to eat, with the bare minimum until such a time as your friendship returns.

You allow me the indignity of scrabbling around for spare pennies - how could you be so cruel.

How fickle your friendship is.

How can I make you see that I need you to be more of a constant in my life? Can we work something out?

Yours dependently,

Potential Mummy B

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