Thursday, 4 March 2010

Like an onion…

… I have many layers.

I am confident, I walk with purpose, I attain good posture, I smile at passers by, I hold doors for whoever needs one held, I say sorry if I bump into someone, I’m cheerful and chatty and I strive to maintain dignity and respect for others at all times.

This is me in public.

I am insecure, I’m shy, I slouch and walk with a slur, I’m an introvert, I despair at my blotchy skin, I cringe away from the ringing phone, I binge on wine and chocolate, I impersonate a potato on the couch and I beat myself up about my billowing weight.

This is me in private.

I am a good person, I don’t cheat or lie (except for the occasional ‘white lie for good reasons), I try to help others, I thank other people for what they do for me. I don’t ask too much of others and try to give as much of myself to others as I can.

This is the heart of me.

I love, I laugh, I share, I care, I bare my soul, I support, I encourage, I cuddle, I tell it how it is. My arms are always open, as is my heart and soul. I don’t keep secrets and I divulge my deepest thoughts.

This is me as a wife.

I’m grateful, I’m in awe, I love with everything I have, I try to be the best I can be and I strive to make them proud.

This is me as a daughter.

I boast, I giggle, I provide beer and pizza and an open house for DVD nights. I swap film reviews, talk about nothing in particular and make an excellent adversary on the Wii.

This is me as a sister.

I listen, I promote, I prop up, I ply with tea and sympathy, I congratulate, I commiserate and, when asked, I advise. I empathise and guide with the benefit of any experience I feel is relevant. I’m the understanding ear, the welcoming shoulder and the ever ready play mate.

This is me as a friend.

I’m authoritative yet friendly, professional yet approachable, a writer and an editor. I uphold my beliefs and live up to sound principles. I always deliver my best.

This is me as a business owner.

I get grumpy when I don’t sleep, I put people’s grammar right in whispered tones, I get annoyed at bigotry, I believe manners maketh the man (and woman), I get annoyed by people who drop litter, I scowl at dog walkers who don’t scoop, I love to hear children enjoying themselves and the sound of birds singing in the sun, I’m a wannabe domestic goddess and a sometime gardener, I sing as if no-one’s listening (as long as no-one is!), I’m not afraid to show my vulnerable side. I swim, I play the piano, I read, I write and I try to live up to my potential. I love my life and everyone in it.

This is me.

This is my attempt number two for Josie's Writing Workshop - you can find it over at Sleep is for the Weak.