Friday, 19 March 2010

It's a beautiful day!

What is it about the sunshine that helps lift a mood?

Although I'm stuck indoors, glued to my (work) computer until lunch time, I'm still massively enjoying the beautiful sunshine that is breaking through the blinds and dancing on the carpet beside me.

It's like it knows that, while I can't be outside to bask in its glory, just being there, beside me while I work, is lifting my spirits no end!

My excitement and love of life is also helped by the fact that today is supposed to be the day my monthly visitor comes a-knocking... but in my efforts to become a mummy, the complete lack of any signs in this direction is keeping me smiling, both inside and out.

Now I know it's very early days to be getting excited about this and I am keeping a (tiny) realistic head on my shoulders. But there's a part of me which screams like an over-excited toddler to rush out and get a pregnancy test because, throughout my life, ever since puberty, I've run like clockwork, if you know what I mean...

So, while I know I have to face that fact that I could be bitterly disappointed a few hours or days down the line, I'm willing to throw caution to the wind and get stupidly excited that this might be the month!

And, of course, the sunshine is helping tremendously!

Life is good!

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